Build Your Online Business

These days with a smart phone and applications it is easier to have an online business from your phone.

If you are the type of person that wants to make extra money without stopping what you are currently doing Beginning on a part-time basis, fitted in along side your main source of income “the day job.”  We call it the #sidehustle   I inspire to be like others who get up early and put some time in before the day job.  Make the most of lunchtimes and spare time in the evening to cultivate this extra passive income stream.

Join a company who have a system in place and a method to follow and use your own creativity to make it work for you. How you get your messages out to draw in the people you want to work with,

The choice to be a leader and help other people is here to be achieved.  Keep close to the fire and follow others who have been on the same journey and have made a success of it. As part of my programme there is access to personal development training and mentor-ship.  This will appeal more to Servant Leadership spirited people who have a calling on their heart to service. Encouraging and supporting others is the fuel to this success though I guess if you have a competitive spirit it will give you the drive to meet the targets.  

Set yourself some realistic goals and you will receive fulfilment when you achieve them. Having a lifestyle of fun by spending time with other like-minded people.  The extra income will give you the ability to make more choices, i.e drop a day for the day job and use this day to work on this #side hustle.